The Designer

S A H A, an exclusive label by the fashionista extraordinaire, Natasha Saha Kejriwal, caters little bit of everything: she takes on the cocktail and dressy pieces, traditional vintage cuts with a serious inject of glamour and beauty, billowing dresses perfect for building the capsule wardrobe of your dreams!

S A H A may seem like it has a bit of all the goodness in the fashion world but, in truth, Natasha Saha, a true designer worth her salt, knows the lesson behind the idiom ‘less is more.” And, so, when creating any line or article of clothing for S A H A, a meticulous approach is always adopted. Everything done at S A H A, from zeroing in on a shade to choosing a spectrum and finally.

A true diva in her own right, Natasha is an avid believer of pursuing one’s

passions and carving a path for yourself that allows you to shine your

brightest. On this, she muses, “If you love what you do then you never feel

like you are working a day of your life!  And that is exactly how I feel about S A H A.”